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What is the meaning of gratulated in Hindi?

Meaning of gratulated in Hindi is :

Definition of word gratulated

Examples of word gratulated

  • Some recognised the man, whose appearance and features were not easily forgot, and gratulated him upon his most unexpected return to the service of his country.
  • Ida found her companionship pleasant, and Mr. Woodstock con gratulated himself on having taken the right step.
  • O lithe Temptation, thou swift tropical tiger of most rare exquisite spots, thou art never more dangerous than when thou hast just retired before a human eye into thy jungle, as if the eye-glance had conquered thee; for then, when the man hath twice gratulated himself, and whilst he is stooping to pluck one of thy jungle-flowers to crown his victory withal, then thou leapest!
  • The edict of the Emperor upon the occasion, therefore, passed into a law, acknowledged by the assent of the chiefs present, and especially affirmed and gratulated by the shouts of the assembled spectators.
  • While he was thus con - gratulated, and pressed, and gazed upon,


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