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What is the meaning of great in Hindi?

Meaning of great in Hindi is : सर्वोत्तम

Definition of word great

  • Very big, large scale. (adjective)
  • Very good. (adjective)
  • Important. (adjective)
  • Title referring to an important leader. (adjective)
  • Expression of gladness and content about something. (interjection)
  • sarcastic inversion thereof. (interjection)
  • A person of major significance, accomplishment or acclaim. (noun)
  • very well (in a very satisfactory manner) (adverb)

Examples of word great

  • * The latest entry mixes it up with a clip from "The Hunt For Red October," which out of context, makes a pretty great statement on the great** state of Arizona.
  • Sat and read a great book, there were mostly adults, afternoon..great coffee!
  • JIO: Thanks for recommending that GE Timmeh diary to us…..great find and a great read!
  • Isn;t it great to have them competing..great options for us as users.
  • I assure you the first of August brought a great, _great_ relief to me.