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What is the meaning of greedy in Hindi?

Meaning of greedy in Hindi is : लौलुप

Definition of word greedy

  • Having greed; consumed by selfish desires. (adjective)
  • Prone to overeat. (adjective)
  • Tending to match as much text as possible. (adjective)

Examples of word greedy

  • I should suggest that it means not merely "_recipient_, capable of receiving," but, to coin a word, _captatious_, eager or greedy to receive, absorbing; as we say _avidum mare_, or a _greedy gulf_.
  • Nick Robinson: "I think the word greedy was shouted out"
  • He's been very, very tough on what he calls the greedy, the CEOs that are making hundreds of millions dollars a year.
  • The continent's two biggest economies want the rest of the developed world to join them in cracking down on what they call greedy bankers.
  • When teachers are called greedy and the jobless are called lazy.


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