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What is the meaning of greets in Hindi?

Meaning of greets in Hindi is :

Definition of word greets

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of greet. (verb)
  • Greetings sent to other demosceners, often included in the scrolltext of a demo. (noun)

Examples of word greets

    • With its magnificent domes and arches, the limestone-colored structure transports visitors back to an era of craftsmanship: a large, white marble fountain greets visitors in a high-ceilinged lobby with an octagonal entrance and a brick-inlaid dome.
    • Denny Hamlin greets fans before last month's race at Texas Motor Speedway, where he notched his second victory of the season.
    • Anyway, Sarah Palin greets them at the door in a taped bit.
    • Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain greets Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama Thursday at the midpoint of a forum on national service at Columbia University.
    • The Bedouin greets you with: -- "May God grant you a happy morning," or "May God grant you His favors," or "If God wills it, you are well."


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