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What is the meaning of greit in Hindi?

Meaning of greit in Hindi is :

Definition of word greit

  • Alternative form of greet (to weep) (verb)

Examples of word greit

  • It's a gran 'thing to ken a lassie like yon, an' a gran'er thing yet to be allooed to lo'e her: to sit down an 'greit 'cause I'm no to merry her, wad be most oongratefu'!
  • B. Aleccain Tubalcain with out-state of Otto Attis 'greit' Spieling … Wis/o support
  • N3, The vseles morion shall On crooke hang by the wall. c1600 Diurnal of Occurrents (1833) 212 Ane greit number of hagbittis, corslattis and mirriounis, togedder with some vyne [etc.]. c1600 Hist.
  • Shadowz seem laik sky so it seems laik their on a volcano or so. greit piktur. lolzed me for sure.
  • Workshoppen var artig, endelig noe enkelt og greit pÃ¥ softwaresiden Ã¥ bruke, og best av alt, ikke noe Ã¥ installere eller vedlikeholde: Det enkleste er ofte det beste.


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