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What is the meaning of grief in Hindi?

Meaning of grief in Hindi is : संताप

Definition of word grief

  • Cause or instance of sorrow or pain; that which afflicts or distresses; trial. (noun)

Examples of word grief

  • III. ii.43 (306, 6) [For life I prize it As I weigh grief which I would spare] _Life_ is to me now only _grief, _ and as such only is considered by me, I would therefore willingly dismiss it.
  • Only pray let her give way to her grief; much crying, even if it makes her cough for the moment, can do her no real harm, but stifling and swallowing _grief_ (which she
  • Your grief is your business; you deal with it how you need to.
  • She bucks two trends that have come to annoy me in current fiction -- jumping around with the timeline to seem arty while really just making the reader struggle to keep things straight and what I dubbed "grief porn" in an essay last summer -- the kind of emotional manipulation that employs tragedy to keep women readers in particular sucked in.
  • If your not from New York your grief is almost dismissed as being lesser in intensity.


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