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What is the meaning of grim in Hindi?

Meaning of grim in Hindi is : सख़्त

Definition of word grim

  • dismal and gloomy, cold and forbidding (adjective)
  • rigid and unrelenting (adjective)
  • ghastly or sinister (adjective)
  • disgusting; gross (adjective)

Examples of word grim

  • Her dark curls were disheveled, her expression grim and making her look every one of her fifty-plus years.
  • Detective Hauer was there, his expression grim as he watched the proceedings.
  • Slater was too preoccupied to take notice of any of them, his expression grim and haunted as he rode the brake and swung the low-slung sportscar into its stall.
  • Robert held her gaze for a long time, his expression grim and slightly troubled.
  • “Not personally,” Royce said, his expression grim as he set down the snifter.


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