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What is the meaning of grimaced in Hindi?

Meaning of grimaced in Hindi is :

Definition of word grimaced

  • Simple past tense and past participle of grimace. (verb)
  • distorted; crabbed (adjective)

Examples of word grimaced

    • Aptos, Calif., manager Dave Anderson grimaced from the opposing dugout, no doubt in his mind about what motivated the display.
    • You know, our reporters on the scene, Allan Chernoff, saying that he was erect, he kind of grimaced on the way in there.
    • The reporters kind of grimaced, not wanting to be the focus of the President's wrath.
    • I kind of grimaced and looked away, and she said, "You're not used to people giving you praise, are you?"
    • You're probably right, I just kind of grimaced at the iHype (of course I say this as I posted an ask me question yesterday about how to jailbreak my 2g iphone to 3.0.
    • As soon as he set eyes on you, he grimaced ugly and said, ‘It’s a girl?
    • He grimaced after a moment, and I saw a hint of fang.
    • She grimaced, then glanced over her shoulder to make sure no one else was listening.
    • Saltman grimaced while squinting and staring down his MacBook screen.