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What is the meaning of grimaces in Hindi?

Meaning of grimaces in Hindi is :

Definition of word grimaces

  • Plural form of grimace. (noun)
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of grimace. (verb)

Examples of word grimaces

    • Brandi Chastain grimaces after breaking a bone in her right foot during the first half of the USA's opener vs. Sweden.
    • Madam Cavendish was at table that night, though moving with grimaces from the stiffness of her rheumatic joints, and she ordered that the sailors be given cider, the which they drank with some haste, and were gone.
    • The friend, seeing from this and from certain grimaces of his comrade that he had not kept his word, said to him in great indignation, If you are jealous, my friend, that is a natural thing; but, after the oaths you have sworn to me, I cannot help telling you that I am aggrieved by your having concealed it so long.
    • They also dislike mustard, sauces, etc., when they first eat them, and indeed nothing can be more ludicrous than their grimaces are the first time mustard is given to them upon a piece of meat.
    • MALVEAUX: I just saw those kind of grimaces, those awkward moments, you know, with Cheney and everybody when they were behind the president, Bush.


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