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What is the meaning of groin in Hindi?

Meaning of groin in Hindi is : पेंट और जांघ का बीच का भाग

Definition of word groin

  • The fold or depression of the human body that separates the trunk from the legs. (noun)
  • The area adjoining this fold or depression. (noun)
  • The projecting solid angle formed by the meeting of two vaults (noun)
  • The genitals. (noun)
  • The surface formed by two such vaults. (noun)
  • A structure projecting from a beach to change the pattern of erosion. (noun)
  • To deliver a blow to the genitals. (verb)
  • To build with groins. (verb)

Examples of word groin

  • I don't know where his groin is at [in terms of his recovery], but you've got to be really careful when ya cut.
  • This one especially annoys me because, being so tall, my groin is about elbow height for most elderly ladies.
  • The medic sees that a laceration in the soldier's left groin is still bleeding.
  • So when he finally admits that “social democrat” and “progressive” are perfectly accurate descriptions, yet he opts conveniently for “neo-socialist,” the populist appeal of anything socialist as a rhetorical knee to the groin is too much to ignore.
  • Naughton is due back at Tottenham next month, while Jonathan Woodgate, who was not included in the 25 because of his long-term groin injury, hopes to force his way back.


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