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What is the meaning of grownup in Hindi?

Meaning of grownup in Hindi is :

Definition of word grownup

  • Of, pertaining to, or suitable for adults. (adjective)
  • Adult; fully developed; mature. (adjective)
  • An adult. (noun)

Examples of word grownup

  • John Edwards today said that after watching his rivals slug it out last night, he's proud to represent what he's calling the grownup wing of the Democratic Party.
  • He has to work with a grownup, which is Nancy Pelosi.
  • We're missing the so-called grownup, the adult in the Democratic Party, so expect these two to go at each other tonight -- Kitty.
  • That means that the so-called grownup in the race is gone.
  • Once we got to the "grownup" section, I was disheartened to find this the only evidence that Charlie had been there:


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