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What is the meaning of grunt in Hindi?

Meaning of grunt in Hindi is : सूअर की बोली

Definition of word grunt

  • A short, snorting sound, often to show disapproval, or used as a reply when one is reluctant to speak. (noun)
  • The snorting cry of a pig. (noun)
  • A family of Perciformes fish of the family Haemulidae (noun)
  • An infantry soldier. (From the sound he presumably makes when shouldering a pack before starting a road march.) (noun)
  • Of a person: To make a grunt or grunts. (verb)
  • Of a pig: To make a grunt or grunts. (verb)

Examples of word grunt

  • Since you say you excel at conceptual tasks, I challenge you to see if you can develop a more creative and/or stream-lined approach to what you call the grunt work.
  • Since his mother's death he'd gotten into the habit of grunting, if a grunt is what you'd call it.
  • After i finish a rattling sequence i again grunt a couple more times, sometimes adding a "put put put".
  • I again grunt between the sequences in case something sneaks in and I can't see it.
  • My dad swears the best grunt comes from the butt cheeks! he can squeeze a deep buck grunt all the way to a high pitched doe bleat.


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