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What is the meaning of guarantee in Hindi?

Meaning of guarantee in Hindi is : ज़िम्मा लेना

Definition of word guarantee

  • Anything that assures a certain outcome. (noun)
  • A written declaration that a certain product will be fit for a purpose and work correctly. (noun)
  • A person who gives such a guarantee; a guarantor. (noun)
  • To assure that something will get done right. (verb)
  • To assume responsibility for a debt. (verb)
  • To make something certain. (verb)

Examples of word guarantee

  • I plead now for the ballot, as the great guarantee; and _the only sufficient guarantee_ -- being in itself peacemaker, reconciler, schoolmaster and protector -- to which we are bound by every necessity and every reason; and I speak also for the good of the States lately in rebellion, as well as for the glory and safety of the Republic, that it may be an example to mankind.
  • Asked about that, Mr. Kiely said his use of the term "guarantee" was "colloquial" and not meant within "the legal definition."
  • Mr. Kasowitz, the lawyer for Fletcher, said the word guarantee referred to the fact that the pension fund would be a preferred investor, its return accrued before—and potentially taken from funds of—other investors.
  • Mr. Kiely said in a statement to the Journal earlier this year that his use of the term "guarantee" in the email was "colloquial" and not meant within "the legal definition."
  • According to the reps that I meet with, the insurance guarantees serve as a useful marketing tool you can use the word guarantee at the closing table and provide client comfort in the form of principal protection.


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