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What is the meaning of guessable in Hindi?

Meaning of guessable in Hindi is : अनुमान के योग्य

Definition of word guessable

  • Capable of being guessed. (adjective)

Examples of word guessable

  • Sure, this was kind of guessable by looking at their tour schedule and seeing a stop at the Glasshouse in Pomona and at the Henry Fonda in LA, but questions about a Coachella stop had been previously denied.
  • The other thing you should do is make sure you have the proper account-recovery options set: Is your secret question not easily guessable from your Facebook/LinkedIn/whatever profile?
  • Baxter uses the Historian to inject heavy doses of well-conceived world building into a mystery that's ultimately easily-guessable.
  • Instead, at issue is the age-old divide between risk (guessable, measurable, insurable) and uncertainty (unpredictable, unfathomable, unbeatable).
  • In the meantime, give yourself a less guessable password -- a smart move regardless.
  • This is true of other sites which store photos similarly, such as Flickr and Smugmug, and is exceedingly unlikely to be guessable by a random stranger.
  • The minimum-length PIN, preventing guessable passwords and the autowipe feature combine to ensure that "cybercriminals cannot easily guess passwords without forcing the device to erase itself," Jaquith writes.
  • "We used to see this a lot with Social Security Numbers (SSNs) and we still see a lot of authentication schemes that rely on semi-public information or reasonably guessable values," he writes.
  • AT&T's lapse was due in part, according to the hackers, because the ICC-IDs were easily guessable.
  • Related Terms & Expressions: deviner = to divine; to guess, predict devinable = guessable, foreseeable une devinette = a conundrum, riddle, guessing game poser une devinette à quelqu'un = to pose a riddle to someone deviner la pensée de quelqu'un = to read somebody's thoughts arrête de jouer aux devinettes = stop playing guessing games