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What is the meaning of guiltless in Hindi?

Meaning of guiltless in Hindi is : निष्कपट

Definition of word guiltless

  • Free from guilt; innocent. (adjective)
  • Without experience or trial; unacquainted (with). (adjective)

Examples of word guiltless

    • Now, you may ask me why I suspect other nations of designs against Great Britain, and hold Great Britain guiltless of designs against other nations.
    • To simply blame Israel for this and leave Hamas guiltless is shortsighted and ignorant.
    • They cannot have wished for a victorious rewarding war, blame everyone else for their defeat, and remain guiltless.
    • This is the often dreamed about "guiltless" state where the accountant of our brains has gone to sleep.
    • Savages, Mr. Hartland says in a censure of my theory, are "guiltless" of


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