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What is the meaning of gul in Hindi?

Meaning of gul in Hindi is :

Definition of word gul

Examples of word gul

  • "Have you noticed how K'net and his wingriders chafe at R'gul's restrictions?" she asked, watching Lessa closely.
  • Think, Lessa of Pern, "and F'nor leaned toward her, his smile bitter," what R'gul's reaction will be.
  • Her unexpectedly urgent entreaty, delivered with a mounting anxiety, impressed Lessa far more than all R'gul's pompous exhortations about constant attendance on Ramoth.
  • Out of perverse distaste for outworn doctrines against which she herself had chafed during R'gul's leadership, and out of respect for F'lar's intelligence, Lessa backed him completely.
  • Even old S'lel, once R'gul's avowed supporter, was following the majority.


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