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What is the meaning of gull in Hindi?

Meaning of gull in Hindi is : सामुद्रिक

Definition of word gull

  • A seabird of the genus Larus or of the family Laridae. (noun)
  • A cheating trick; a fraud. (noun)
  • One easily cheated; a dupe. (noun)
  • To deceive or cheat (verb)
  • To mislead (verb)
  • To trick and defraud (verb)

Examples of word gull

  • BESIDES BEING the name of an aquatic bird, the word gull is also a verb that means “to deceive or cheat” according to the American Heritage College Dictionary.
  • Anonymous: Sorry KrautBeckerFan - the Latin for Aussie gull translates as
  • Glaucous gulls L. hyperboreus and Kelp gulls L. dominicanus were also nested within L. argentatus, and the discovery about the Kelp gull is interesting: this species is unique to the Southern Hemisphere, and Liebers et al. (2004) concluded that it must have evolved via long-distance colonisation ‘from the same ancestral population as the Lesser black-backed gull, suggesting that its ancestors were highly migratory, as nominate Lesser black-backed gulls still are today’ (p. 895).
  • No no no no NO: the Herring gull is NOT a ring species!
  • It is this habit in the gulls of parting with their property [disgorging the contents of their stomachs to the skuas], which has given rise to the terms gull, guller, and gulling, among men. "


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