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What is the meaning of gulled in Hindi?

Meaning of gulled in Hindi is :

Definition of word gulled

  • Simple past tense and past participle of gull. (verb)

Examples of word gulled

  • A report to that effect, cut out of a newspaper, was circulated amongst the prisoners, and their indignation was great at the way in which the public were "gulled" about themselves and prison treatment.
  • This must be what A.H. Keene referred to when he said, "The British public were also dumb, and with that infinite capacity for being gulled which is so remarkable in a people proud of their common sense, acquiesced in everything."
  • I tried him in several ways, and found that he could be "gulled" more easily than any of the other messengers.
  • So ended the memorable 14th of August: it will be, doubtless, remembered by many with far from pleasant feelings; and some who have been "gulled" in England may thank Mr. Petersen that a carrier-pigeon freighted with a cock-and-bull story of blood, fire, wreck, and murder, was not despatched on that memorable day.
  • Then the satirical meaning hidden beneath Pere Fourchon's apparent guilelessness came back to him, and he owned himself "gulled" by the Burgundian beggar.


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