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What is the meaning of gullibility in Hindi?

Meaning of gullibility in Hindi is : भोलापन

Definition of word gullibility

  • The quality of readily believing information, truthful or otherwise, usually to an absurd extent. (noun)

Examples of word gullibility

  • The current estimate of the sea-gull as an intellectual force is compressed into the word "gullibility" -- a verbal monument of contempt.
  • Ah, you want male chauvinism, perhaps we should discuss the evolutionary pressure on women that selects for gullibility aka the “Dunham effect”, with its all too apparent implications for voting patterns. /g
  • He delivered himself of a Ratner moment, when asked if there was any known benefit to homeopathic remedies, beyond the placebo effect (otherwise known as gullibility).
  • (1,4) Non-analytical thinking essentially means to me gullibility, which is more imaginative than people who over-analyze every situation.
  • A close friend of the family, McDonough recalled a gullibility that humanized Santo in a way that made him so appealing.


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