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What is the meaning of gullible in Hindi?

Meaning of gullible in Hindi is : सीधा

Definition of word gullible

  • Easily deceived or duped; naïve, easily cheated or fooled. (adjective)

Examples of word gullible

  • He chastised what he termed gullible Western media for repeating the US envoys comments without seeking the government's side of the story.
  • Most of these posts seem to relish in their own absurdity (I'm looking at you, TÖRdötCÖM), and the point of embarassing the gullible is missed, with instead the emphasis being placed on how well-crafted the hoax appears or the right timing of things (neither of which matter).
  • Dude, I checked, gullible is totally in the dictionary
  • In early casting breakdowns for the role, Shane is described as a gullible and enthusiastic baseball player.
  • May 10th, 2008 2: 45 pm ET how freakin gullible does billary think americans are (except her hardcore cult followers who she'll lead to the gates of hell). she voted yes on the iraq war and now goin against it? what a idiot, shouldnt have voted yes in the first place


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