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What is the meaning of gulling in Hindi?

Meaning of gulling in Hindi is :

Definition of word gulling

  • Present participle of gull. (verb)

Examples of word gulling

  • The gulling of Gloster, again, recalls the gulling of Othello.
  • Davies in the ninth and last of his 'gulling' sonnets, in which he ridicules the notion that a man of wit should put his wit in vassalage to any one.
  • Some of our Southern gentry occasionally succeed in "gulling" some Northern advocates of slavery into the belief that the master and negroes are very happy.
  • In other words, we have an exemplary instance of McCarthyites gulling the naive, just as the infamous senator from Wisconsin liked to do.
  • And not, one also hastens to say, that Sir Humphrey doesn't have so many gulling tactics up his Savile Row sleeve that it wouldn't benefit from lengthening.


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