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What is the meaning of gulls in Hindi?

Meaning of gulls in Hindi is :

Definition of word gulls

  • Plural form of gull. (noun)
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of gull. (verb)

Examples of word gulls

  • Sometimes Myra could hear the Tejano a-ha-ha of laughing gulls from the beach.
  • Furthermore, if a recently proposed subdivision of Lesser black-backed gulls is accepted (Sangster et al. 1998), then the proper name for this species is L. graellsii, and two taxa previously ranked as subspecies – the Tundra gull L. heuglini and Baltic gull L. fuscus – should be separated as species.
  • But Patti continued to insist, repeating the same three words, over and over, until they became purely elemental, a complement to the calling gulls, to the rush of wind through the pine forest just a few yards behind him.
  • She calls the gulls her brothers and keeps a tryst with them.
  • Egg collecting is not as widespread as bird hunting, and has usually involved ground nesting species such as common eiders, Arctic terns (Sterna paradisaea), and gulls, which is technically illegal, as well as little auks (Alle alle).


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