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What is the meaning of guts in Hindi?

Meaning of guts in Hindi is :

Definition of word guts

  • Plural form of gut. (noun)
  • The entrails or contents of the abdomen. (noun)
  • Courage; determination. (noun)
  • Content, substance. (noun)
  • To show determination or courage (especially in the combination guts out). (verb)

Examples of word guts

  • CLIFT: There are very few profiles in courage on Capitol Hill and I think we have one passage in the book where we note that the lobbyists were looking for members with what they described as guts, who were willing to stand up to their own Democratic president in 1993 and '94 and defy the White House on health-care reform.
  • But I would like to say this here and now, that any group of people who have the sheer courage - "guts" is probably the most fitting and descriptive word-to go through what the British men, women and children have gone through, have also got the courage and ambition to solve the many problems which are going to rise up and plague the British people.
  • Today, I do indeed argue that the national Democrat Party, deep in its guts, is nihilistic and hates the United States.
  • The deal with sequels is that they tend to suck, especially when they are compared (Jackie Collins comes to mind), but Black House reaches in and grabs you by the guts from the start.
  • Cynthia Mckinney has integrity and just plain guts that the rest of the slime bags in Washington can only dream about.


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