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What is the meaning of had in Hindi?

Meaning of had in Hindi is :

Definition of word had

  • Simple past tense and past participle of have. (verb)

Examples of word had

  • Given as a working premise that McKinney's death had been murder, it followed that the murderer _had _somehow lured him to an exact spot in the old friary.
  • Those incoming congresscritters, and their successors, had/have a singular lack of wanting to gain the willing cooperation of those across the aisle. witness the threat of the so-called "nuclear option" which, at times, I almost wish they *had* exercised and that in their hubris named one of the most influential PACs the "committee for the permanent majority"
  • Another strange thing was that he had thought of the past; chronic prison day-dreamers dreamed nearly always of the future -- and of the past only as it might have been, never as it actually ~had~ been.
  • My vet had previously told us that Matu (pictured)  had arthritis in his back legs, and had even offered some glucosamine, a dietary supplement that is also taken by humans.
  • June 13, 2009 at 2:57 am had a tortie for like 15 years…she was a different kind of girl..had a vet tell me once, they are all nuts, but i wonder why..she was a sweet girl and i loved her.
  • Being an old Russia hand, I had of course discounted their promise to get us back into the city by 3.30 - but I * had* made an appointment for 5 pm.
  • I really feel this movie had potential keyword *had* They could of portray this movie in so many different directions and I feel that the producers lack the creative energy and are missing out on a great opportunity in what would be a fantastic film.
  • If I hadn't known that I'd been there, I might not have noticed or recognized what I was seeing, but because I knew I *had* walked there and could remember how it felt to walk there, I could see the connection between what I was looking at and how I had walked there before. how tracking is like learning to read Japanese calligraphy
  • For example, imagine a game world where the narrative required 50% female and 50% male players and that people had to play roles and someone *had* to be the princess and someone else the prince or the play didn't move along.
  • But oh gawd, you had to link to the G333k post and I *had* to read it *and* the comments, some of which were incredibly stupid, I mean for geeks and all.