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What is the meaning of hadn't in Hindi?

Meaning of hadn't in Hindi is :

Definition of word hadn't

  • had not (phrase)

Examples of word hadn't

  • It is one little slice of 'loser pays' that wouldn't have been given national attention if the label hadn't been slapped on it.
  • One turns to the other and says, ‘Y'know, if her name hadn't been Sandra I'd have forgotten her by now.’
  • The FBI had spent eight months trying to determine who had taken shots at the Pentagon, but Mr. Melaku's name hadn't surfaced in their investigation until he was spotted wandering on military property near the Pentagon early Friday.
  • Premiere responded Monday, recapping Limbaugh's on-air rant, but left out how upset Rush seemed that he wasn't notified and that Premiere On Call hadn't announced a policy to exclude "News/Talk" programs earlier.
  • However, she said the company's views on the labels hadn't changed since last fall, when a senior executive said "the risks associated with smoking already are well known" and the labels only serve to stigmatize smokers.
  • Mr. Borges said the idea hadn't yet been vetted by the fund's government shareholders, and no formal requests have come from euro-zone members for additional financing.
  • Last year, they suspended minimum investment-grade ratings requirements for Greece weeks after ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet said he would make no such exceptions, and bought Greek government bonds days after Mr. Trichet said the idea hadn't been discussed.
  • The move came as a surprise largely because Mr. Weber's name hadn't appeared on the long list of possible candidates that included, among others, Jürgen Stark, a former Bundesbank vice president and now a member of the ECB's executive board; and prominent economist Peter Bofinger.
  • 'Inspired by Jermaine Pennant – now that's a phrase I hadn't expected to read in 2011.