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What is the meaning of hadn't in Hindi?

Meaning of hadn't in Hindi is :

Definition of word hadn't

  • had not (phrase)

Examples of word hadn't

  • It is one little slice of 'loser pays' that wouldn't have been given national attention if the label hadn't been slapped on it.
  • One turns to the other and says, ‘Y'know, if her name hadn't been Sandra I'd have forgotten her by now.’
  • 'Inspired by Jermaine Pennant – now that's a phrase I hadn't expected to read in 2011.
  • Last year, they suspended minimum investment-grade ratings requirements for Greece weeks after ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet said he would make no such exceptions, and bought Greek government bonds days after Mr. Trichet said the idea hadn't been discussed.
  • Premiere responded Monday, recapping Limbaugh's on-air rant, but left out how upset Rush seemed that he wasn't notified and that Premiere On Call hadn't announced a policy to exclude "News/Talk" programs earlier.


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