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What is the meaning of hall marked in Hindi?

Meaning of hall marked in Hindi is :

Definition of word hall marked

  • Simple past tense and past participle of hallmark. (verb)
  • Stamped with a hallmark (adjective)

Examples of word hall marked

  • (02 June 2006) - New from London-based design group oki-ni and world-famous Japanese graffiti artist Daisuke Sakaguchi, these street-lux mobile phone accessories are made from "hallmarked" sterling silver and attach with a plastic-coated stainless steel wire loop.
  • Nobody scored more than the Bulgarian's 20 league goals last season, and his finishing is hallmarked by the composure that would surely have brought order to Saturday's pell-mell chaos.
  • What Brooklyn needs more than ever is a leadership that builds bridges for the people of this community to reach a fresh, new destination -- one that is hallmarked by opportunity and prosperity.
  • Still, at the time of her trial it was well documented that she suffered from battered women's syndrome, a state hallmarked by depression, anxiety, fear, and tattered self-esteem.
  • Crisp dialogue and masterful pacing hallmarked his writing, and his reputation for multifaceted villains made him a sought-after writer by many editors.


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