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What is the meaning of hallmark in Hindi?

Meaning of hallmark in Hindi is : विशेषता

Definition of word hallmark

  • A distinguishing characteristic. (noun)
  • To provide or stamp with a hallmark (verb)

Examples of word hallmark

    • A proper indicator of this hallmark is the presence of messages that attempt to establish an association between the targeted group and the exploitation and victimization of a societal group.
    • In a government whose hallmark is supposed to be the separation of powers, federal prosecutors are a glaring and dangerous exception.
    • Our Center's hallmark is its coordinated, multidisciplinary approach.
    • Ms. Resnick's hallmark is her marketing prowess, which she used to turn a little-eaten fruit into a product known to millions.
    • The wrap rollout comes on the heels of a giveaway on national Doughnut Day on Friday — a free doughnut with beverage purchase — that highlighted a Dunkin 'hallmark neither McDonald's nor Starbucks could match (Krispy Kreme, however, also gave away doughnuts for the day).
    • Although the majority of cases are ones in which children are exploited, this hallmark is not limited to victimization of children.
    • Its hallmark is the phenomenon of spontaneous coordination.
    • The syndrome's hallmark is agonizing, burning pain.
    • In fact, Alzheimer's sort of hallmark is short-term memory loss.