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What is the meaning of hallucinogenic in Hindi?

Meaning of hallucinogenic in Hindi is : भ्रान्तिजनक

Definition of word hallucinogenic

  • producing hallucinations (adjective)
  • a substance that is a hallucinogen. (noun)

Examples of word hallucinogenic

    • One gram of psilocybin, the psychoactive ingredient in hallucinogenic mushrooms, is seen on a scale at New York University.
    • The state senator spearheading the second legislative attempt to ban Salvia divinorum - which can cause a short-term hallucinogenic experience after it's chewed or smoked - said Monday that Firoz's acquittal will be a topic of conversation if LB123 is debated today as scheduled.
    • Musically upbeat and swinging, the song works as a kind of hallucinogenic collage of advertising detritus think Mad Men meets The Magic Roundabout, with the vocal, narrated by Mitch Benn with Tim Dickenson as Greggery, drawn from 1950s marketing diction.
    • The cast is getting the script for the episode today, and Murphy promises it will be a weird, "hallucinogenic" treatment.
    • Having taken LSD and shrooms a few times in my youth, the "hallucinogenic" effects of cannabis aren't in the same galaxy!
    • This kind of hallucinogenic fish poisoning, called Ichthyoallyeinotoxism, was previously only reported in the Indo Pacific.
    • And then renders the whole thing in a kind of hallucinogenic cell-shaded 3D.
    • Part of me thinks that Locke gave Charlie some kind of hallucinogenic like he gave Boone, and I really like your theory about Walt's possible involvement, Cihan.
    • There's some kind of hallucinogenic effect, and they end up going to the hospital.