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What is the meaning of hance in Hindi?

Meaning of hance in Hindi is : अर्धचाप

Definition of word hance

  • a curve or arc, especially in architecture or in the design of a ship (noun)
  • To raise, to elevate - Lydgate (verb)

Examples of word hance

    • DETROIT — The auto show that begins this week gives Detroit the c hance to show off a hometown industry on the mend and a downtown flush with upscale hotel rooms.
    • She was also at prom. and she is a danger to bella, hance the warning you clue.
    • Last two a couple of weeks ago, hance the need for cheering up.
    • As a Journalist yourself, who Im sure, wishes to be paid for your work hours of research, and writing etc. were you to write a story that I saw imediately after you published it and summarized or “re-wrote” it and published it elsewhere thereby taking a section of your potential audience, and hance income away… I doubt that would sit very well with you, or maybe you could care less.
    • Even with an abundance of supply, there will be a bottleneck at the refining capacity, hance a shortage of supply v. demand in the market keeping prices high.


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