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What is the meaning of hand in Hindi?

Meaning of hand in Hindi is : हाथ

Definition of word hand

Examples of word hand

  • When these are rightly tempered, Care and Chearfulness go hand in Hand; and the Family, like a Ship that is duly trimmed, wants neither Sail nor Ballast.
  • •Paper products for the shelters •Pampers/formula •Hand/baby wipes/Hand sanitizer
  • The police report will be made by two Swedish child protection groups, Hand i Hand (’Hand in Hand’) and the Föreningen Anhöriga Till Sexuellt Utnyttjade Barn (ATSUB – The Association of Relatives to Sexually-abused Children).
  • Hat in Hand is a lovely little story that appeared recently on the Morning Story podcast.
  • What is the story behind it, and why was "Tangled Up In Blue" tangled up in "Hand On My Heart"?


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