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What is the meaning of hansom in Hindi?

Meaning of hansom in Hindi is : बग्घी

Definition of word hansom

  • A Hansom cab; a carriage (noun)
    एक हंसम कैब; गाड़ी

Examples of word hansom

  • When he had lighted it he tipped the porter, and strolled back to the entrance, on the chance of finding the carriage still there, but it had gone, and he called a hansom, paused a moment with his foot on the step, then finally directed the man to drive to the Fraylings '.
  • Finding myself in want of a particular Gazetteer which was not to be found in the office, and being in no mood to take a clerk, however uncritical, into my confidence, I called a hansom and drove straight to the Museum; where, having ensconced myself in the reading-room with the work in question, I prepared to devote a dusty and laborious morning to the service of State.
  • You think a dashing, irresponsible hansom is more in keeping with the Factory Girls 'Club or some giddy Whitechapel frivolity!'
  • Going on the streets he walked until exhausted, then he called a hansom and was driven to his club.
  • They walked down the one flight of stairs together, their footsteps echoing up through the empty house; out on the pavement he called a hansom, held his arm across the wheel as she stepped in; turned to the cabby, gave him his fare, told him Waterloo Station; then he leant across the step of the cab and held out his hand.
  • So I called a hansom, and she sank back in a corner with a little sigh of relief.
  • I called a hansom outside and drove at once to Blenheim House, the temporary residence of the Archduchess and her suite.
  • She called a hansom, drove to a post-office, and sent a telegram:
  • He started back to the club, but it was so hot that he thought he would faint before he got there; so he called a hansom, on the principle that it was cheaper to ride and keep well than to walk and have a sunstroke.