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What is the meaning of happenstance in Hindi?

Meaning of happenstance in Hindi is :

Definition of word happenstance

  • A chance or random event or circumstance. (noun)
  • The chance or random quality of an event or circumstance. (noun)

Examples of word happenstance

    • I won’t tell you the main happenstance, because that twist IS the plot … but …. you’ll recognize it too.
    • The saying " If....were better I would be okay" has come to sum up a dependence on "happenstance" to bring me or others a sense of well being, okay-ness, safety or joy.
    • The impression on an anti-Semite or potential anti-Semite is that the 'happenstance' of his vet status saves him from being rightfully obliterated.
    • Using government money on a vast scale to keep the financial markets working, then to save the automobile industry from bankruptcy, has edged the Bush administration deep into a kind of happenstance socialism.
    • While I liked both Gwen and Harry, their relationship - with a 20-year age gap and a failed marriage each - did seem "happenstance," almost as though they ended up together because they were the only two left to get out of Yellowknife relatively unscathed.


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