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What is the meaning of happy in Hindi?

Meaning of happy in Hindi is : हर्षित

Definition of word happy

  • Experiencing the effect of favourable fortune; having the feeling arising from the consciousness of well-being or of enjoyment; enjoying good of any kind, as peace, tranquillity, comfort; contented; joyous. (adjective)
  • Favored by luck or fortune; lucky. (adjective)
  • Dexterous; ready; apt; felicitous. (adjective)
  • Content, satisfied (with or to do something); having no objection (to something). (adjective)

Examples of word happy

  • I love to make people happy, and I think that giving away a box of yummy things will make someone *happy*.
  • THANKSS LOTSSSSS = D happy happy~ but somehow, somewhere, there's still something missing within me .... we need a miracle!
  • In order to be happy oneself it is necessary to make at least one other person happyÂ….
  • "I shall be happy -- no, _happy_ is not a good word for me -- I shall be glad to see you in my studio when I have moved in, and perhaps you may see some things to please you."
  • I. _Barzillai was evidently by nature a warm-hearted, sunshiny old man, himself happy and making others happy_.


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