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What is the meaning of hard in Hindi?

Meaning of hard in Hindi is : स्पष्ट

Definition of word hard

  • Resistant to pressure. (adjective)
  • Requiring a lot of effort to do or understand (adjective)
  • Demanding a lot of effort to endure. (adjective)
  • severe, harsh, unfriendly, brutal. (adjective)
  • Unquestionable. (adjective)
  • Of drink, strong. (adjective)
  • Having a comparatively larger or a ninety-degree angle. (adjective)
  • Of water, high in dissolved calcium compounds. (adjective)
  • Sexually aroused. (adjective)
  • Having muscles that are tightened as a result of intense, regular exercise. (adjective)
  • Of a ferromagnetic material, having the capability of being a permanent magnet by being a material with high magnetic coercivity (compare soft) (adjective)
  • With much force or effort. (adverb)
  • With difficulty. (adverb)
  • Compactly. (adverb)
  • Near, close. (adverb)
  • A firm or paved beach or slope convenient for hauling vessels out of the water (noun)

Examples of word hard

  • The pressure squeezes and pulls at my chest so hard, so hardÂ… so very hard, it is like you can feel the muscle fibers tearing and popping as my heart races and slows erratically.
  • 'Well, as it is your graduation from kindergarten, and next year you will be in hard school ... '~-hard school was what Shana and Sylvia called it because they had homework - "you will probably not want to hear my little story ever again."
  • The fact is, _I work hard and I play hard_, and I believe each is equally necessary for good health and real happiness.
  • 'These Christians are hard -- _hard_!' thought Eleanor sharply, closing her tired lids.
  • My God! Effie, it is a hard world -- it is hard, _hard_ to keep straight in it.


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