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What is the meaning of harmonious in Hindi?

Meaning of harmonious in Hindi is : सुसंगत

Definition of word harmonious

  • Showing accord in feeling or action. (adjective)
  • Having components pleasingly or appropriately combined. (adjective)
  • Melodious; in harmony. (adjective)

Examples of word harmonious

  • The Chinese have said that they want to emerge as a significant world influence and world power into what they describe as a harmonious environment.
  • For him, an authentic interpretation of the Bible must always be in harmonious accord with the faith of the Catholic Church.
  • DOUGLAS DEVOS : This was based on the world-view perspective that subject expert Larry Summers set out: Either we're going to have tit-for-tat discussions on very short-term issues every time something pops up or we're going to form a long-term harmonious relationship.
  • The external signs have to be in harmonious relation with the mystery of salvation in place in the rite.
  • The language must rise gradually with the rising passions of the speakers, and subside in harmonious unison with their sinking emotions.


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