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What is the meaning of harry in Hindi?

Meaning of harry in Hindi is : सताना

Definition of word harry

  • To bother; to trouble. (verb)

Examples of word harry

  • December 8th, 2009 12: 35 pm ET it will be a good day for America when 'dirty harry' is gone from the Senate.
  • When he jumps out of the tree when you first see him in harry potter i about died, he was gorgeous.
  • We will all be better off when harry is gone next November.
  • Stratham as prince harry is the best idea you have ever had
  • Shortly after the success of the original novel Disney announced that a book series entitled Stories From East High would be published in February 2007 with a Hi, a harry is much less physic than this sedulous From.
  • And Twilight fans probably would crucify her if she did a poor job, many girls at my school wanted emma watson burned at the stake (some still do) for her portrayal of hermione in harry potter.
  • I loved him in harry potter but i dont maybe it was him ... im just so disappointed in it right now, that i dont know if i even want to see any of the other, especially if its the same screen writer and director!!! twilightme17 (11/22/2008 10: 18: 09 PM)
  • July 21st, 2006 at 12: 36 pm ct says: dingy harry is such a moron
  • Gordon who arrived in England as a teenager owed agreat deal to a teacher called harry Jackson who was the school's Deputy Head.
  • Dumbledors lives in harry now … thats its why harry smile when hagrid and his bro goes to the funeral.