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What is the meaning of harsh in Hindi?

Meaning of harsh in Hindi is : शुष्क

Definition of word harsh

  • Unpleasantly rough to the touch or other senses. (adjective)
  • Severe or cruel. (adjective)
  • To negatively criticize. (verb)
  • to put a damper on (a mood). (verb)

Examples of word harsh

  • JOHN KING, SENIOR WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: Don't know if I use the term harsh battle, but Many think the president has to strike a new tone in the relationships.
  • Last September, thousands of blacks descended on Jena, La., to protest what they called the harsh charging of six African-American high-school students by a local prosecutor for the serious beating of a white classmate.
  • So why did the CIA destroy videotapes that reportedly show what they called harsh techniques, harsh interrogation techniques?
  • BLITZER: You know, governor, a lot of Democrats, a lot of Gore supporters have been complaining about what they describe as harsh rhetoric coming from you, from Karen Hughes, the communication director for Governor Bush.
  • The benevolent man reproved the keeper for what he called harsh words.


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