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What is the meaning of has in Hindi?

Meaning of has in Hindi is : हेव् धातु का अन्य पुरुष एकवचन का रूप

Definition of word has

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of have. (verb)

Examples of word has

  • I agree ... all day today on the talk shows I heard McCain supporters yakking on about how * Obama has never bucked his party the way McCain has*.
  • But it clearly has "www.cakewrecks.com" written on the side of it-it *has* to be intentional, as much fun as the other possibilities are.
  • Incidently Amazon has just delivered the new Stephen King some energy barrier stoping things getting in or out…..has he been reading Birmo!
  • But now that our president, on behalf of America, has repudiated that awful man, now that Obama's here to set right America's wrongs, al-Qaida will have no reason as it *has* had to attack... but it's gonna take a while for that message to get through to them.
  • While the story has gotten the facts correct, I disagree with the statement that Ma "..has worked hard to unite Taiwan's fractious communal groups ..."


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