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What is the meaning of hate in Hindi?

Meaning of hate in Hindi is : बैर रखना

Definition of word hate

  • An object of hatred. (noun)
  • Hatred. (noun)
  • Negative feedback, abusive behaviour. (noun)
  • To dislike intensely; to feel strong hostility towards. (verb)
  • To dislike intensely due to envy. (verb)
  • Examples of word hate

    • I hate Saint Winifred's, I hate Dr Lane, I hate Robertson, and I _hate, hate, hate_ Paton! "he said, stamping angrily.
    • And I hate, hate, *hate* the idea of starting a query letter with, say, 'Dear Seraphina Snark'.
    • I personally * hate hate hate* when I feel like doing stuff that I know is * stupid stupid stupid*.
    •    In the case of my uncle, he has a career ... and I hate to see him-I hate  to see his name used.
    • I meant to live so that I could tell you again to your face that I hate you, hate you -- _hate_ you!


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