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What is the meaning of hateful in Hindi?

Meaning of hateful in Hindi is : घृणित

Definition of word hateful

  • Evoking a feeling of hatred. (adjective)
  • Dislikeable. (adjective)
  • Full of hate. (adjective)

Examples of word hateful

  • Ralph's after all; but, instead of that, the hateful, _hateful_ thing slipped right out of her hand, and went floating down the stream; and at this point Julia's sobs burst forth afresh.
  • DELANEY: The next day, in the wake of the hijackings, Web sites began to fill with anger toward Professor Traschen, and she received a deluge of what she describes as hateful and vile, even frightening phone and e-mail threats.
  • Wishik was disappointed to see what she called hateful media coverage of the situation.
  • They can only succeed by defeating what they described as hateful, stupid, misogynist, and greedy last night.
  • Reaction: The tape was altered in hateful way by these racists.


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