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What is the meaning of hatred in Hindi?

Meaning of hatred in Hindi is : विरोध

Definition of word hatred

  • Strong aversion; intense dislike; hateful regard; an affection of the mind awakened by something regarded as unpleasant, harmful or evil. (noun)

Examples of word hatred

  • How can I endure to meet the disapproval and bitterness and hatred -- yes, _hatred_ -- when they come filing out upon me from that room across the hall.
  • If people don't want to use the term hatred, fine.
  • Using the Bible as a basis for your hatred is a cop out.
  • The state communications regulator also has warned companies that provide short cellphone-message services against being used as a platform to send messages that could instigate what it termed hatred, violence and unrest.
  • This hatred is a visceral need that cannot be reasoned with.


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