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What is the meaning of haven't in Hindi?

Meaning of haven't in Hindi is :

Definition of word haven't

  • have not (phrase)

Examples of word haven't

  • On the right, a black and white wall painting with a phrase I haven't seen a butterfly here 2011 gives the exhibition its title.
  • Carom, now there's a word I haven't heard in a long time.
  • While the terms haven't been disclosed, experts say the deal revolves mostly around the sharing of premium ticket revenue and is likely flexible.
  • Notably, such calls haven't come just from Occupy protestors.
  • The Texas fund's senior managing director Steve LeBlanc declined to discuss the fee structure because he said the terms haven't been finalized.
  • Exact terms haven't been reached on any of the settlements now in the works, but the SEC is using earlier agreements on similar mortgage-bond deals as a blueprint, these people said.
  • And I'm afraid I succumbed to a bit of self-indulgent nostalgia – Pretes on the Barbican, and the Pannier Market or Plymouth City Market as they now call it haven't changed at all since I was at college in Plymouth in the 1970s.