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What is the meaning of having in Hindi?

Meaning of having in Hindi is :

Definition of word having

  • Present participle of have. (verb)
  • Something owned; possession; goods; estate. (noun)

Examples of word having

    • All of these things -- having been a soldier, a student, a civil servant, a petty bourgeois vendor, an admirer of the monarchy, or having been related to someone with such characteristics -- was called “having a tendency” or a “trend.
    • The forms in question -- _seeing, having seen, being seen, having been seen_, and _having been seeing_, for instance -- are now made from the verb in precisely the same way when partaking the nature of the noun as when partaking the nature of the adjective.
    • PER SPECT 'IVE, (PER, _through_; SPECT, _to see_; IVE, _having the power_,) having the power to see through; a view through.
    • It is formed by placing _having_ before the perfect participle; as, _having ruled, having been ruled: "Having written_ the letter, he mailed it."
    • For isn't it _having_ a thing to understand it -- more than it's having it to really have it and not understand?
    • But having found a thing or things essential for his subject, and well computed the for and against, he will in very deed set down such thing or things, nothing doubting, —having, we may say, the fear of God before his eyes, and no other fear whatever.
    • Who has not experienced the consciousness of having _felt the thing before_ -- _having thought it some time in the dim past?
    • Not in having 'no business' with men, but in having no unjust business with them, and in _having_ all manner of true and just business, can either his or their blessedness be found possible, and this waste world become, for both parties, a home and peopled garden.