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What is the meaning of having in Hindi?

Meaning of having in Hindi is :

Definition of word having

  • Present participle of have. (verb)
  • Something owned; possession; goods; estate. (noun)

Examples of word having

    • All of these things -- having been a soldier, a student, a civil servant, a petty bourgeois vendor, an admirer of the monarchy, or having been related to someone with such characteristics -- was called “having a tendency” or a “trend.
    • PER SPECT 'IVE, (PER, _through_; SPECT, _to see_; IVE, _having the power_,) having the power to see through; a view through.
    • It is formed by placing _having_ before the perfect participle; as, _having ruled, having been ruled: "Having written_ the letter, he mailed it."
    • The forms in question -- _seeing, having seen, being seen, having been seen_, and _having been seeing_, for instance -- are now made from the verb in precisely the same way when partaking the nature of the noun as when partaking the nature of the adjective.
    • For isn't it _having_ a thing to understand it -- more than it's having it to really have it and not understand?


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