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What is the meaning of head count in Hindi?

Meaning of head count in Hindi is :

Definition of word head count

  • The act of counting how many people are present in a group. (noun)
  • The number of people present in a group or employed by a company. (noun)
  • More generally, a consideration of a company's appropriate staffing level based on some larger context. (Generally used adjectivally.) (noun)
  • By extension, one slot in a workgroup, filled or to be filled by one person. (noun)

Examples of word head count

  • But, he added, "If they are to do a meaningful restructuring, they will have to first ensure that headcount is substantially reduced."
  • Morgan Stanley's employee headcount is 3% higher than last year, at 62,864.
  • A report last week from Jeetil Patel, a Deutsche Bank analyst, also suggested that a decrease in headcount could help offset declining profit from fee changes, flat sales and the negative impact of currency fluctuations on overseas revenue.
  • Managers need to feel assured that the organization “has their back” when giving up a talented resource and that includes a recognition that a replacement headcount is not enough.
  • I guess you have to think about how your two-guys-in-a-bungalow startup can grow in headcount to make it worthy of a ten-figure valuation, and what each of those employees does to increase the value of your company.


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