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What is the meaning of headache in Hindi?

Meaning of headache in Hindi is : सिरदर्द

Definition of word headache

  • A pain or ache in the head. (noun)
  • A nuisance or unpleasant problem. (noun)

Examples of word headache

    • What is called "_sick headache_," or "nervous headache," begins by a sense of blindness or blur, before the eyes, of green or purple colors, dazzling or swimming in the head, without, for some time at first, any positive aching or pain.
    • a disordered stomach causes severe headache, known as _sick headache_.
    • God's sake, the headache is the most common medical condition plaguing human beings!
    • Pat had elected to stay in bed, in consequence of what he called headache and his sisters translated as
    • (An alternative name for this kind of headache is 'suicide headache' because sufferers have been known to resort to the ultimate headache cure.)


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