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What is the meaning of heald in Hindi?

Meaning of heald in Hindi is :

Definition of word heald

  • Alternative form of hield. (noun)
  • Alternative form of heald. (verb)

Examples of word heald

    • This coating enables the threads to withstand the abrasive action of weaving which largely take place during shedding (i.e. when the threads are drawn to-and-fro over or against the surfaces of parts such as heald eyes and reed dents, etc.)
    • An improvement was the device called the "heald" or "heddle," by means of which alternate warp threads could be drawn away from the others, making an opening through which the filling thread could be passed quickly.
    • Why are we as so gullible to believe that the corporations can be heald accountable for thier actions when they OWN our elected officials.
    • I have not heald much about health care reforms during that time. john
    • Okay smooth brains see if you can follow simple fact – Sotomayor up heald the precident that had been established by previous courts in her district.
    • For another, the crisis had a lot to do with banks being short of capital — the hit to the economy was huge compared to the effects of, say, the dot com bubble bursting as banks had heald on to the overpriced assets.
    • I had no time to range the Buck, figured he as about 200 so heald on his bsack line.
    • Of these things you must try to judge as you can, and though you wish to have Young have the utmost try at him, I shall not be sorry to hear that his knee is heald, at least for a while, so that you must do that which you think best at the moment. consult with Hannah, and try to please yourselves.
    • I will not blame you for your determination, but my advise is that you would (if you have not heald it) keep it moderately open for some short time longer until I can talk to Young, and hear from you again.