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What is the meaning of hear in Hindi?

Meaning of hear in Hindi is : सुनाई देना

Definition of word hear

Examples of word hear

  • Oooh tankee! da fann wil bee muchly apreesheatted dis weakind. sposed ta gits reely hawt hear – inna 90′s *das mayjor HAWT hear*
  • Oh, my own Ba, hear _my_ plain speech -- and how this is _not_ an attempt to frighten you out of your dear wish to '_hear_ from me' -- no, indeed -- but a whim, a caprice, -- and now it is out! over, done with!
  • But yet hear me, � hear with patience; �hear me with that unprejudiced reason which is as much your distinction as your beauty or your virtue.
  • These verses are truly beautiful, with the exception of one fault that we often find in poets, which is, their being misled by Fancy to believe that they really do see and hear _what they wish to see and hear_, and yet even this is far below their ideal.
  • _Word of denial in_ my _Labra's_ hear; that is, _hear_ the word of denial in my _lips.


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