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What is the meaning of heartfelt in Hindi?

Meaning of heartfelt in Hindi is : हार्दिक

Definition of word heartfelt

  • Felt or believed deeply and sincerely. (adjective)

Examples of word heartfelt

  • To me, the core of what made Alfredson's movie so damned heartfelt is the chemistry, casting, and performances of Lina and Kare.
  • All across Mississippi curious citizens are opening his works and joining in heartfelt discussions.
  • I sighed in a manner that is commonly known as heartfelt.
  • Everybody invited to the dinner, from eminent captains of industry to Bollywood†™ s biggest and most beautiful, were either friends or fans of the man being honoured, or his privileged team mates, and said as much in short, heartfelt addresses.
  • Well, the liberties that were won by our people on that occasion are an impressive instance of how effective was their attempt in putting a stopper on royal tyranny, and how absolutely they nailed down the principle that allegiance, the broadest, the deepest, the most sincere, the most heartfelt, is and always must be conditional upon the proper exercise of his authority by him to whom allegiance is due, and to whom it is gladly given.
  • Perhaps you could call my heartfelt cry a "leap of faith".
  • We all recall the heartfelt testimony she gave to her nation, under oath
  • With TV shows like Seinfeld and The Simpsons leading the way, America became a society wherein, with some exceptions, the heartfelt was automatically dubbed cheesy.