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What is the meaning of heating in Hindi?

Meaning of heating in Hindi is : तापन

Definition of word heating

  • A system that raises the temperature of a room or building. Confer heater. (noun)
  • Causing heat. (adjective)
  • Present participle of heat. (verb)

Examples of word heating

  • All that CO2 produced in heating that furnace up to several hundred degrees counts as waste too, not to count all that work into purifying the metals you want to make into an aerosol.
  • Another sign of over-heating is a dog's tongue hanging out of the side of his/her mouth!
  • The man who tried to claim for two second homes simultaneously and also claimed for £6000 in heating oil?
  • The charred foam on the aft dome of the LH2 tank is caused by radiant heating from the SRBs as well as plume recirculation from the SSMEs.
  • The EIA forecast a 4 percent increase in heating bills for households using natural gas, which translates to about $27 more for the winter.
  • Those of you planning to rent at Lake Chapala should make sure heating is adequate in any house you rent and also check for ceiling fans and adequate fresh air ventilation.