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What is the meaning of heaviness in Hindi?

Meaning of heaviness in Hindi is : भारीपन

Definition of word heaviness

  • The state of being heavy; weight, weightiness, force of impact or gravity. (noun)

Examples of word heaviness

  • Making a death metal album sound nice and clean without losing the heaviness is a subtle art and he's consistently nailed it.
  • However, this heaviness is also a result of the author's ardent and instant imagination, forming a scene and a dialogue of each incident in the narrative without taking the necessary backward look at the general perspective.
  • Indeed, I was in rather a low way that day; which was due in part to my not being able, for all my thinking, to see any sort of a clear course before me; and in part to the fact that the weather was thickening and that my spirits were dulled a good deal by what we call the heaviness of the air.
  • Great heaviness is often necessary to a Christian's good: If need be, you are in heaviness.
  • Jean Pierre: The things that happen in the book are heavy, but I do think the heaviness is somewhat diluted by the fact that Celie writes with such sad acceptance instead of anger.
  • There must be something in the air or the moon because this heaviness is upon me too.
  • There are a certain number of passages where Amiel ceases to be the writer, and becomes the technical philosopher; there are others, though not many, into which a certain German heaviness and diffuseness has crept, dulling the edge of the sentences, and retarding the development of the thought.
  • I wrote this same unto you -- namely, that I would not come to you then (2Co 2: 1), as, if I were to come then, it would have to be "in heaviness" (causing sorrow both to him and them, owing to their impenitent state).
  • Compare "now for a season ... in heaviness" (1Pe 1: 6).